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Chat Ghosting/Screwing up

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Level 45
Jun 3, 2005
Hi, I am not the only one having this problem, these are the following bugs with chat:
When the chat hiccups, the user sees the entire chat just...go silent, no one talks, leaves or joins, the userlist is still the same.
Only until they refresh do they realize the chat has been active and going on or changed o__0... I call this self ghosting or a ghosted chat room, you are in a ghost chatroom :\...

It gets very annoying, as I think chat is silent, so i have to keep refreshing so i dont miss out on any info or realize im in a ghost room :|...

The second problem (which I think only I get, not sure) is on afew occasions I talk, and 2-5 seconds exactly AFTER i post my message, the chat says "joining, joining, joining, connecting, joined..." etc. As if i timed out or was ghosted and didnt know...So i have to refresh or wait for someone to talk (Which sometimes happens)... this has happened to me about over 10 times.

But this happens ONLY when I talk, its like when i type, the chat realizes im not there and tries to get me back in, BUT the messages I typed before hand NEVER get through...

This frustrates me alot...

Btw, can you please put lobby count back in? :)..
Not open for further replies.