Chaser Wars v. 0.41

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This is a shooter game!

This map is a shooting map like Paintball with upgrades. This map can also be played by bots. Gl hf!

How to play
You are interested now and want to play this map? Here is a basic introduction to my map:

Player 1:
You first choose the map you play. Because only one is able to shoot, please go on the circle on upper (in the near of the archer).
After that, you have *PlayerCount* Wisps under your control. Select them and move them over a circle. Each circle is ONE team! So pick all wisps you want and move them over one circle. That would be one group. The colour of the wisp stands for the player.

All others (and red after chosing): Wait until Player 1 selected everything, after that chose your hero by moving with your wisp over the circles. Wait 45 for game start.

Usefull Hints:
You have an ability called Change Multiboard, you can change the multiboard to ingame multiboard or player multiboard with that.

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Minigame, Sniper, Archer, Shooter, Missle, Speed, Accu, Accuracy, Paintball, Paint-Ball, Paint-ball,

Chaser Wars v. 0.41 (Map)

Ghan_04: Map updated - looks ready to go.