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Chariot Model Requests

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Sep 17, 2007
I am in need of 2 models if anyone is kind enough to even care. The first i need would be a chariot rider with a spear, the other with a bow. It would be nice if it looked like the picture below, and have 2 horses if possible (one horse is perfectly fine though)


So long as someone can clearly tell theres a deffinitive horse, cart with wheels, and a soldier, I dont really care all too much about details. Teamcolor would look nice on the wall of the chariot.

These would be for an Expansionism map that I am working on. It is about 30% done with units and upgrades, the triggers are about 25% done, and the terraining is totally finished. If you would like some screenshots then I will add them soon.

Thank you if you are thinking of taking this request.

How do I take screenshots outside of WC3, xfire wouldn't take them.
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