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Chaotic Warrior, Afronite kinda tutored me over the way, and helped me. I sent him images and he told me what to fix, i thank him so much! I think my skins will be better now thanks to him!Anyway have fun with it, errr Units/orc/thrall/thrall.blpthnx afro

Thrall, chaos, warrior, wolf, dog, scars, scar, fel, hell, doom, doomhammer, hammer, demon

ChaosWarrior (Texture)

camel's_hump: not your best skin but approved none the less.




camel's_hump: not your best skin but approved none the less.
Level 6
Apr 15, 2004
Great skin! I love how you turned Thrall into a Fel Orc cavalry unit (or it could atleast be used as that). Im very impressed with the skin overall, but I think the highlight of it is the metalwork- flawless!

But like others, the wolfhead needs some more work; its not that its bad but its not filling up to the quality of the overall skin, but its picknicky, I think its the screenshot here that makes me think that...

The awesome metal work wants me to send you a request, though not warcraft based... Send PM if you are interested...
Level 3
Dec 24, 2005
I think what cheetory means is that from a distance (or using the normal wc3 camera), the armour might look like part of the wolf; the two use a similar grey. But I think it would be fine.

Anyway, the worst part of this is the screenshot. Mixing the blue and green with the red and grey doesn't look great. Perhaps keep the blue outline, but use a darker blue or black in the background.

Just kidding. Keep up the good work.