Chaos General

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Edited from the Rexxar model. I though of redoing the old Chaos Warlord too, because it seemed kinda bugged and the mesh was rather bad.

This guy commands the armies of the doomed and demons.

Give credits if you use it in your campaign/map, DON'T distribute to other sites and DON'T edit without my permission.
Have fun with the model.

Get the greenskin version here:
Chaos General

demon, chaos, pentagram, war, black, armour, spike

Chaos General (Model)

Chaos General (Model)

17:13, 24th Jul 2009 Rizz_Boomer: [Approved] 5/5 A great job from General Frank, Model works stable and have its own... should i say "charm"? Non the less. I have nothing to complain about it.