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Channeling Missile System

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Level 20
Jul 14, 2011

I came with the idea but I have no idea how to create, so i'll request for your ancient wisdom here :D

Like the title says, it's a system where you set

1) Missile: Missile Model
2) Speed: Missile Speed
3) Tick: The amount of time to check for mana
3) Mana cost: The amount of mana the spell costs every [Tick] sec the missile is in the air; If the mana reaches 0, the missile dies and: nothing happened
4) Missile Damage: In my case, I want to base it on stats
5) Channel: (I'm unsure of this one) If the spell is or isn't a channel spell.
6) AoE : true / false
7) AoE Size: Size of Area
8) Caster Model: The effect when the caster 'casts'
9) Target model: The effect in the target of the ability.

I came with the idea because: I want to create a Channelling skill that throws a fast homing missile to the target unit. When the missile reaches the target it deals str + agi + int(x2) (of the caster) to the target. If the caster moves or does something, stops the channeling, the missile just disappears and nothing happened. It costs 1 mana per tick (every 0.25 sec) mana and has 1 sec cooldown. (this is based on the objet editor)

I've been trying for hours to do something like this but with no results. I'm planning to do dozens of missiles and I need to configure those values (so far)
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