[General] Change the unit from vertical to horizontal

Kusanagi Kuro

Hosted Project: SC
Level 10
Mar 11, 2012
Hi guys. Like the title said, I want to know how to change the unit from vertical to horizontal.
I mean like this: Let say that this is the unit ^ in vertical, then I want to change ^ to this >.
I know my explanation is poor but honestly I dont know how to describe it ==.
Level 13
Mar 24, 2013
You want to tinker with either

Art- Maximum Pitch Angle
Art- Maximum Roll Angle

I just tried on a villager and changing the Maximum Pitch from 10 degrees to -270 they are now laying on their back
Sadly they don't have that option in the trigger editor.

You have a few options though:

(1) You can make several copies of the unit--each with different pitch/roll angles. When you need to perform the flip or whatever, you would just replace the original unit with the unit that has the pitch/roll that you desire. Tinki3 (on thehelper.net) did a spell based on this a very long time ago to make a blademaster do a front flip, but I couldn't find it. Maybe you can.
(2) You can use Vexorian's dummy model and attach an effect to it. The model would be the model of your unit. Then you can modify its animation index--which will thereby modify the pitch (each animation has a different pitch angle).
Random google search for info on this: