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[Solved] Change text and colors of menu buttons

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Level 11
Jul 9, 2009
go to game interface, search for the words you want to change and you could put the following codes before the text

Red - |c00ff0000
Green - |c0000ff00
Blue - |c000000ff
Yellow - |c00ffff00
Magenta/Bright Purple - |c00ff00ff
Deeper purple/violet - |c00a400ff
Cyan - |c0000ffff
Teal - |c0000ffca
Black - |c00000000
Medium grey - |c007c7c7c
Goldish - |c00ffbd00

and then end it by putting |r in the end of the text.
Example of a grey text
|c007c7c7cThis is an example!|r

hope i helped you xD


Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
If you wish to use other colors, not just warcraft standard ones, use this - great tool by Pyritie, or this - great warcfta3 model editing tool. After instaling, look for 'Extras' on task bar, choose whatever color you want and click 'Generate'

You need to know just two important things about color string, already mentioned above by @Saif.
Color string starts with '|' then there is a code of given color, and ends with '|r.
So basically when you see: |c00ff0000|r your eyes should see: |c00ff0000 and |r.

Gama interface - To find it, open your map, on taskbar there is Advanced field. From that direction head to Game inferface, and find 'Text' fields. There are all the messages displayed by game.
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