[Trigger] change summon units name

Level 5
Nov 6, 2008
hey me agian:grin:
this is about the noob spell.
i have use the Summon Water Elemental abilities.
but when i summon the unit are there a life timer can i delete this?
and the name on the summing unit is water elemental but this is a Peasant
how can i change the name?
plzz help
Level 13
May 11, 2008
if that name shows up still after changing the duration to zero, which should make it so the summon never dies for no reason, then you should change the buff name that the ability uses. you might want to make custom buff so you can name it something different with each buff. if i remember right that's what i had to do in my TDHT map the peons that were summoned i change their summon name to peon. although my peons disappear since i didn't get rid of the duration time. it's ok because they mine pretty fast and the cooldown to make peons is fast too.