Change log for 1.04.7A

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Changelog for 1.04.7A-

-New Wolf Lord Minor hero for nature.

-New Spider Queen hero for Dark Elf.

-Fixed various tooltip/mana bugs for units.

-Altered stats on water elements as well as fixing a upgrade bug.

-Drek'thall the orc king is now a Minor hero.

-New Za'darians base south of nature for Barbarians.

-New terrain for Empire Capitol.

-Changed terrain for the demonic place of power near gray.

-All demonic places of power now start hostile.

-New Centaur Khan mini-boss in the pass between Empire and Barbarians.

-Symbol of the Empire is now found on the Centaur Khan. Instead of Sigmar.*drops on khan death*

-New hydromancer unit for Empire and Pirates.

-Fixed some more tooltip bugs still evident in the protection program.