Centaur Ridge

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
It's been a while since I uploaded my first map, pretty much free handed this one too but it turned out to be the same theme as the first one. So I might make a couple more and release them as a bundle once I finalize them.

I wanted to make a different play style than usual so this map has a pretty large ridge splitting it in half, and two goldmines on either side of the bridge in the middle, which is intended to make more exciting gameplay.

Ofcourse it is very open for remarks and improvements, I am thinking of adding a pair of expos, or turning it into a 1v1 instead of a 2v2, but it seemed large enough for a 2v2, I'm not sure.

116x120 playable area.

Centaur Ridge (Map)