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Centaur Ridge

This bundle is marked as lacking. It fails to meet the standard requirements and may only have minor use.
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It's been a while since I uploaded my first map, pretty much free handed this one too but it turned out to be the same theme as the first one. So I might make a couple more and release them as a bundle once I finalize them.

I wanted to make a different play style than usual so this map has a pretty large ridge splitting it in half, and two goldmines on either side of the bridge in the middle, which is intended to make more exciting gameplay.

Ofcourse it is very open for remarks and improvements, I am thinking of adding a pair of expos, or turning it into a 1v1 instead of a 2v2, but it seemed large enough for a 2v2, I'm not sure.

116x120 playable area.

Centaur Ridge (Map)

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Map Reviewer
Level 31
Feb 19, 2011
Review - Centaur Ridge
(Version August 2nd 2022)
Description: Centaur Ridge is a 2v2 player map featuring the Barrens tileset that follows the standard melee ruleset with a twist of double-goldmine crossing in the middle of the map.
Terrain: Although the tile usage is nice, the map's terrain has clear points of weakness: there is no variation in height, leaving the terrain looking synthetic and pale. I would recommend using the Dirt and Desert tiles however to break the monotone dark colors of the grasses and rough dirt. Please use the correct cliff-type bridge for the corresponding cliff type. It's a little disturbing to see grass bridges connect with clay cliffs. The map features quite large open areas, where one hopes to see some decorative objects that are now only found in certain regions of the map. Try to make the visual level of the map more consistent.
Layout: The map is not mirrored and in most places, it does not matter, but the map does feature some medium or small chokepoints that you want to make identical: it is unfair if one side has a wider opening than the other mirrored side. The layout is maybe a little too simple for such a large map. There are only two pathways to the enemy side and they end up making a ring. The middle area with double-expansion is interesting but it has some technical flaws: the entrances (especially through the bridge) are too narrow and siege units can reach possible expansion structures from down below - it makes it a very undesirable location to expand to. Overall, due to the straightforward layout and pathing opposing players are bound to see and scout everything important on the way to the enemy base, leading to very few opportunities for strategic counterplays.
Creeps: The creep camps suit the theme and are not overly repetitive. I would recommend placing more creep camps, however, the green camps are weak, especially for such a large map: the total level of green creeps for each player is only 8. The creep camps near the ramps to the ridge are at the end of a too-narrow entrance: widen the pathway to those camps.
Gameplay: The gameplay is very simple due to the simple layout of the map and little time is left for expanding or utilizing the rather unique central area of the map. There are no objects or elements incentifying delaying a direct attack to the opponent as the expansions are wide open and very hard to defend. The creep camp placement makes an encounter unavoidable as the creep camps are placed on the sides of the only pathways to the enemies.

The double-gold mine on the ridge is a nice idea, but I would recommend refining the idea and execution of it. Make it less vulnerable and more desirable and easier to go for - the layout of the map does not support this expansion very well either. The terrain can be improved with the raise and lower tool and flavoring up the tile usage slightly. There are also large pathways in between the trees, try to get rid of these as smaller units can enter them. I'd also recommend blocking off the open cliffs around the rim of the map (place things on top) so that player units like Gargoyles cannot land there to regen after harassing the expansion sites.
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