I'm beginning to think up a map where the main objective is to deliver goods to other towns etc. (like a economy game)
You are a hero and you can do everything like in a normal rpg but the main enemies would be raiders who attack caravans which you have to protect.

I thought about some spell for the heroes but I'm not sure how I could. These are all Wow spells slightly changed to my liking.

Call Pet- Summons your pet to your side.

Explosive Trap- Place a Fire trap that explodes when an enemy approaches.

*Hunter's Mark- Places the Hunter's Mark on the target, increasing the all attack power of all attackers against that target by +X. In addition, the target of this ability can always be seen by the Hunter whether it stealths or turns invisible. The target also appears on the mini-map. Lasts for Y minutes.

*Conjure Water- Conjures X bottles of water, providing the mage and allies with something to drink.

*Presence of Mind- When activated, All your spells have X amount of seconds reduced in their cooldown.

*Living Bomb- The target becomes a Living Bomb, taking X Fire damage over X sec. After X sec or when the spell is dispelled, the target explodes dealing X Fire damage to all enemies within X yards.

Blast Wave- Deals X-Y damage and stuns for Z seconds.

*Rend- Wounds the target, making them bleed for X damage over Y seconds

Shield Bash- Deals minor damage and interrupts spellcasting. Also prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 6 sec.

*Execute- A finishing blow, dealing X + (Y * remaining rage) damage. Only usable on opponents under 20% health

Taunt- Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.

The ones colored are the ones which i do not know how to make. Telling me how to make them would be appreciated

I want these spells for the heroes but if you have a better suggestion of spells I would be glad to hear it.

By the way I have posted this a few months ago but I cannot find it and it's based on the flash game Caravaneer
Level 8
Dec 7, 2008
I quite like it. Will there be progression?
Level --- Customer --- Goods --- Enemies --- From --- To --- Reward
1 --- Farmer --- Vegatables --- Thieves --- Village A --- Village B --- Money/Food
5 --- Builders --- Materials --- Highwaymen --- Quarry --- Buildsite --- Bridge
25 --- Royalty --- the King --- Assassins --- City A --- Palace --- ALOT of money

You could also make different terrain, for instance:
Land --- Easy --- Walk around the caravan
Forest --- Easy --- Slower Process, wild animals
Sea --- Medium --- Must use a ship, pirates
Rocks --- Medium --- Caravan breaks down more, slow process
Blight --- Hard --- Enemies randomly pop up from the ground limitlessly

Also, make the heroes a tiny bit more unique. Like for instance:
Templar (with powerful, fast attacks and melee spells)
Brigand (with pirate style moves)
Merchant (increased wealth, hire mercenaries, bribe enemies)
Bard (supports the caravan with spells and auras)

I would like to help you with this, I am not a great triggerer (basic stuff, some of your spells I could have a go at) or terrainer (terrible tbh), but I have heaps of ideas.
Yeah I was going to make unique heroes but I also am not a good trigger maker and spell maker. That's why I need help for the spells. I am looking at The Helper for the trigger stuff. My map is going to make terrain bonuses though. Thanks for the idea about the highwaymen and pirates. I can't believe I never thought of that.

EDIT- I also need to know how to do a simple inventory system. If anyone can help...
Level 8
Dec 7, 2008
I am a tiny bit confused now. You want a secondary hero that is always next to the first one? What purpose would that serve? Why not just have a normal inventory?

If you really want a secondary inventory, why not just trigger so that every 0.01 second the inventory unit moves next to the hero, which is stored as a variable upon training?