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Can't post or edit sometimes

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Up until recently, sometimes when I tried to post, the uploading process would take ages and the posts just refused to show up. And for some reason, I can't edit my posts as well. When I submit the edited version, it would also be stuck in the uploading process.

EDIT: The problem is now gone after some minutes. However, I am not sure if this problem will return. Also, why can't I delete my own posts (I accidentally double posted because of this problem)? (Sorry, I was blind)
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Level 32
Mar 21, 2016
When posting a VM and you have connection issues, then the page may not refresh, because of some kind of timeout. Therefore, you might post the same VM over and over again, if you are not careful and click repeatedly.

Happened to me with fladdermasken. I had to delete my many duplicated VMs.
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