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Cannot create new social group

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Level 21
Jul 27, 2008
Hm interesting how those that own a social group are able to make a new one. But thing is that ownership can be passed by the owner so it is possible to make a group without ever asking. I doubt that was intended though. Still Social Groups have dead activity so question is if it is even worth it to make another one.
Well, a small amount of SG (ex. IMM, PRS) are used as Country/Nationality Group, which can either active (ex. PRS) or inactive (ex. IMM).

If Veljkom is correct, then I can make another SG (yay!)

Mostly, groups are for random stuff and they are threatened to get abolished by Hive 2 (which is YEARS away I assume). I guess it can be false memories though (the abolishing part).
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