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Can possible Reforged has new sound set?

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Level 6
Jul 22, 2015
Can posibbly blizzard create/remake sound set? i mean there are many useless sound set like this :

Swordman >>> same as Priest but less quotes.
Proudmoore >>> same as Paladin but less quotes.
HeroDreadLordMorph >>> exist but has no sound.
Assassin >> same as Warden but less quotes.
Corrupt Ent >> same as Ent.
Nerubian >> same as Crypt Fiend but without Pissed.
Warlock >> Archimonde's sound set but quitely useless since didn't have any sound.
Doom Guard >> just Wendigo with less frequently.

also some sound set need be update/separate :

Add Sylvanas (before became undead) Yes and YesAttack sound set.
Add Tichondrius Ready sound set.
Add Talking Harpy-line.
Make YesAttack for Goblin Sapper sound set for suicide skill.
Add Priestess of Moon without tiger roar version
Add Shaman without Lighting version.
Add Huntress without panther version.
Add Archmage without horse version.
Add Death Knight (Non-Arthas) without horse version.
Add YesAttack for Goblin Zeppelin.
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