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Jan 4, 2009
Ive been playing Garena since i started playing WC3 online, but mostly it just for Dota game so i wanna try playing on

The Situation is:
Now im using a WC3 Frozen Throne that is copied from my friend, so i cannot play on (indeed, CD has been used)

Question1 : So these are the cases i wanna ask if which will work or not:

1) - i buy a Digital Game from blizzard only for the Expansion Fronzen Throne
- Install the purchased Expansion Fronzen Throne over the installed Frozen Throne to get my new CD Key Works

2) - i buy a Digital Game from blizzard only for the Expansion Fronzen Throne
- Download a WC3 Reign of Chaos from somewhere (with someone CD Key)
- Install the Downloaded WC3 Reign of Chaos then install my purchased Expansion Fronzen Throne over the WC3 Reign of Chaos to get my new CD Key Works

Question2 : When buying Digital Game from Blizzard:
- We will get to download a installation file for the game?
- The installation file do not need a CD to play like using a CD to install?

For Question 1 please tell if which will work, which wont

Thank you in advance

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Jan 18, 2005
You need both a unique RoC and TFT CD key to play on battlenet in TFT. If eithor 1 of them is in use (even if someone is playing RoC with your RoC key), it will prevent you from joining that realm.

You can use a CD key in each realm at the same time.

All keys off the internet (that are not purchased from blizzard or trustworth sites) will be banned due to being used for hacks or cheats at some point.

Purchasing a digital download version of both RoC and TFT will give you a unique CD key for each. You can also download from blizzard (via some peer to peer system blizzard uses) both RoC and TFT. The installers will need the CD key (you can look it up by logging into your account and viewing the key for those games) and this key is the key you will log into battlenet with. No CD or permant internet connection is required to start WC3 RoC and TFT once you have installed the lattest patches.

The downloaded installer from blizzard will logically not need any CD to install. It will need a CD KEY though but you are allocated one (which you can always look up on your account) when you purchase the game.

It is recommended to use a reasonably secure password and keep your secret question/answer remembered inscase you get hacked (especially if WoW is attached to your account as people are forever trying to hack WoW even if people have stoped playing it for ages).
Level 7
Jan 4, 2009
ok thanks for the help
i tried buying Digital Game and it said

An error has occurred.

There has been an error processing your request.
For assistance, contact Blizzard Customer Support

is it only me or Blizzard is down..?
it was like this yesterday too..

One More Question

Can people switch between and Garena without any problem?
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