Bulwark of Azzinoth (sheathable)

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You MAY distribute to other sites (but give me credits as the original maker and author of this model or I
shall break your children's legs with my skull)

You must give me credits

Can edit if you like it, but give me credits.

Ok, so for this one here, I was so bored yesterday and a family crisis involving my father being a huge
idiot (long story), i ended up without internet with nothing to do, and I thought I'd make this to kill time, since
I had been thinking about making it for a long while now, it took me about 2 hours to do. There's a special thing
about this attachment though... I didn't want to make it boring, because the mesh itself and shield itself is boring.
and I knew there would be a few people wanting this on different hands anyways, I made 4 animations for it, so this
baby can be attached to both hands, and the back (or front if you are creative with it, it's a bulwark after all)
I so it looks sheathed (aka, put away), I thought it'd be nice for rpg's, there's 2 sheath animations for it, and the
size it has is REALLY worth it, have fun guys.

I give credits to Blizzard Entertainment, as the concept artist, this is a link to the real one in WoW http://www.wowhead.com/?item=32375#comments

P.S. I'm not sure how to make the animations work in-game, so don't bug me about it (if someone helps me on that,
I will edit this and show it here, and you get +rep from me, I used a different model for the sheath animation
screen-shot :D)

Model made in Milkshape 3d
Texture made in Photoshop CS4


shield, demonic, azzinoth, sheath, sheathed, sheathable, rpg, WoW, warcraft, black temple, spikes, nine.

Bulwark of Azzinoth (sheathable) (Model)

17:19, 4th Apr 2010 shamanyouranus: Low file size and look very nice indeed. Approved.




17:19, 4th Apr 2010
shamanyouranus: Low file size and look very nice indeed. Approved.
Level 2
Aug 19, 2012
hey im pretty newb at using attachments and that, but i was wondering if you could perhaps help me fix a small bug while using your shield.
I attach it with the strings "hand, left", it looks perfect and awesome but after attacking some1 it switches to the sheath animation, but it's still in the left hand so it looks weird.

do you know how i can fix this?