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Bullet Bill

Bullet Bills are shot out of cannons and fly on straight paths. In great numbers, they're a nightmare; While Mario can stop most with a single jump, the rare giant one is much tougher to avoid.

Give credit if used in your map. Do not edit or destribute without proper permission.

Thanks to Lord_T for fixing the engine effects. :)

Bullet, bill, mario, fire, flower, mushroom, kingdom, bowser, weapon, cannon, doom, varsaigen

Bullet Bill (Model)

19:44, 17th Sep 2008 Elenai: Approved: And its a rather cute model...I like it.




19:44, 17th Sep 2008
Elenai: Approved: And its a rather cute model...I like it.
Level 6
Jul 15, 2008
Personally I think that this model looks pretty nice and looks like the one ingame.
I used to play Mario on Nintendo64 and that was a nice game, as my opinion.

Keep up the Mario Models, personally I don't use them but since they're good quality I think you should continue to work on them.

EDIT: Why not approved? What's wrong?
Also texture could be better, but the model is still really nice.
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Level 3
Jan 31, 2008
This is the second bullet bill on the forum. The first one looks better than this cause it still has the arms left, but yours is much smaller in size. Good job, if you add arms it will be 10/10 from me.
Level 23
Jan 25, 2008
The Bullet Bills from the ever so ancient Mario TV series had armsBullet Bill TV series
However, they changed the style of the Bullet Bill to reflect a more bullet like appeareance in future Mario games. And the world came to know the Banzai Bills as the deadly Bullet Bill.

Sorry I couldn't find any good pictures as links. I washoping to get a pic of the Bullet Bills in Super Mario 64 or from Melle. :p