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Buildings No Longer Constructing...?

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Level 4
Dec 6, 2007
I just recently decided out of sheer boredom to make my own maul. I wasn't going to start from scratch, as most people just get away with reskinning everything and calling it their own, so I derived it from an existing version of a Wintermaul. I decided I'd do the editing of the units (races/builders/towers/monsters) last, so I adjusted the triggers, terrain, and everything else to my liking. When it was time to use the Object Editor, I noticed everything was messy and towers and monsters were popping up everywhere. After (countless time) regrouping everything into my favoured categories so it wouldn't be as messy, I decided I'd give another playtest of the game for functionality. The last one I did was before moving everything. To my surprise, when the game started, I went to choose a race, only to have the building's construction paused immediately at 0%. It's the exact same with every race's building, even the ones that were never moved. I didn't do ANY editing other than the unit's races and/or campaign/special categorization. I was only going to keep 8/18 of the game's races so I grouped everything in the following categories.

Race Choosers: Human > Special
Race Buildings: Human > Special
Builders: Human > Units
Towers: Human > Buildings

Monsters: Orc > Units
Unwanted Race Buildings: Orc > Special
Unwanted Builders: Orc > Special
Unwanted Towers: Orc > Buildings

Any idea as to what can be causing this? Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry for tl;dr wall of text.
Not open for further replies.