Buildings making buildings

Level 13
Oct 16, 2010

I have an idea for a map but I want to work out some things before I actually build the map myself

The map will be based around capturing "command points" that give resources periodically and whatnot, but I'm thinking that it would be cool if you could only build around the command points you (or your team) own.

I was thinking you could have a builder unit and somehow restrict the buildable areas to around the command points, but I thought it could also work if the command points themselves created the buildings? I'm not sure if it is possible to change the build range in gameplay constants or not though? Or even if you can make buildings make other buildings to be honest

So I could also maybe use "Build Tiny Farm" as an alternative but then it wouldn't have any build costs?

Any ideas?
Level 19
Dec 4, 2007
A civilization map used this mechanic quite well like 10 years ago.
- gotta be careful with displacement here
You could also go with builders and aura-emitting key structures - so that you can only build when inside that radius.