Bugs after patch

Level 7
May 31, 2009
Hi guys,

I have a big update to push out for my map, however reforged has since hit and I'm running into problems. I'm sure many of you are aware of the absolute nightmare Reforged has been so unsure if there are any answers to these questions, but I'll ask anyway.

1. Half my units no longer speak.

For some reason a lot of units no longer speak their hails or acknowledgements. Does anyone know a way to fix this? Some voices work, however for example the Paladin voices and Captain voices are not. As well as dozens of others. Is there a fix for this?

2. Reskins not functioning.

In my map I have a few reskins, for example the night-elf archer has been reskinned to a female human archer so that I can have "Peasant Bows". However I notice these reskins no longer function, at least in Reforged view. Is there a way to have these reskins function for both SD and HD?

3. Loading screen woes.

The loading screen text appears to be crammed down in the bottom left? Is there a particular reason for this?

Also I know in the past uploading a loading screen is a whole ordeal, is it any easier now? If I replace my old low res loading screen with an HD one will that function in Reforged AND Classic view? Is it even possible?

Any help at all is greatly appreciated! It's pretty demoralising because I've worked on this map for years and now I don't even know if it's worth updating because of the clusterfuck of issues caused. Also... I've heard the EULA seizes the rights for your intellectual property. This map is a narrative story that -I- have written. I'm literally halfway through a novel set in the same universe! If I updated it now does that suddenly mean Blizzard would have the rights to simply copyright my world...? Seems pretty unethical to suddenly introduce this policy now.
Level 12
Jan 30, 2020
Hello there !

Oh yes I know how you feel, I stopped map making in 2004 and started again last December !

As for your problems :

1 - Yes, UnitSoundSets tend to break sometimes. This often happens when you give a unit a "speaking" UnitSoundSet when the original model was not intended to speak but make noises instead. Only solution I found so far was try-and error, as it sometimes fails even when this condition is not met. Like I have a tower with the old morphed illidan model, and with morphed illidan's UnitSoundSet - and it does not speak at all.

2 - I can't help much there, all my custom models textures are in Custom\Textures and it works great.
I also replaced the selection circle. By importing it to the original old path with no issue (tried with both BLP and DDS)
This said I have not tried to replace the texture of an existing model.

3 - Yes I had the same issue and it started with the last major patch. I don't know the reasons, but I fixed it by changing my loading screen picture accordingly.

Now if you want to use a single picture in fullHD (or any resolution you want), you can use the model attached to this post.
Just import both the loading screen model and your loading screen (converted to BLP and with the name "FullScreen.blp"

Then remove the default path added by the Asset Manager, and voila !

Now about the EULA it had actually changed way before Reforged, and nearly all companies do it this way. This said they can not steal you own ideas, they can only own everything related to their created content, whatever the EULA says. So no they could not take ownership of your novel, ever. Not even in their wildest dreams :D


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