Bug? Cheat? A trick to beat the game? READ

Level 1
Dec 21, 2005
Well first of all, I'm new to the forum. I think Ralle did a great job with this map. I and my bro beat this game yesterday after 5 times of trying. Today I tried to play solo and found a bug or trick to beat this game without using any cheat code. It's a litle bit hard to explain without picture, but if you guys are interested I will post it up. I went through the whole game with dark elder(spelling) and lost about 10 lifes.
Level 2
Jul 7, 2005
Well, I am still around, sorta.

And I am curious as how you beat it? That and what version did you use? Cause some versions have a neat gold glitch that makes me almost giggle as I have 24 CTan stargods by 2nd air =P