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This is a icon for laughs, mostly for people who like minecraft (Minecraft rocks :D) Me and my friend far got the idea of this icon from a model of a Minecraft Creeper from a different model site.
Currently: I'm gonna make a model to go with this!
And all who wonder why i uploaded this instead of my friend: my friend hates hive (crazy isn't he)

Minecraft, Creeper, Minecraft Creeper

BTNItalianCreeperIcon (Icon)

09:26, 10th Aug 2011 [email protected]: I told you, you were better off deleting it.
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Jul 10, 2011
my friend doesnt have a hive account he is to lazy to make one. i do have a disabled version of this now. and Minecraft creepers (for those that dont know) go Sssssssss and explode. and yes thats a cigar. Cause it works for the creeper mafia (dont ask why my friend added that, i do not know) This icon does work ingame i did test it, it shows up