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BTNHumanArtilleryUpThree (Icon)

Level 2
Feb 10, 2005
No, Nantuko_Husk, it isn't a Blizzard icon; it's just based on one; but then again what icons aren't based on Blizzard icons, except for screenshots converted to .blp? If you'll notice closely, the icon has a shark design on it. Zotax's also has smoke coming from the bottom right-hand corner. I guess this one is supposed to be a torpedo and the Blizzard one is just a normal bomb. I love the shark and the smoke because that adds a nice touch. It could still use some work though. It could use some work so that it is actually completely redesigned and reshaped. It also needs a passive and disabled passive icon, for a bomb upgrade, or something, like in Warcraft 3. Please do not take this as an insult, but as constructive criticism. 3/5