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Don't mess with this fierce cat !

Meow !

Cat, Black, Instinct, Wild, Agile, Bite, Fang, Fight.

BTNCatInstinct (Icon)

14:03, 15th Apr 2014 Sin'dorei300: Useful.
Icon Submission Rules said:
  • Icon Tracing is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, applying outlines over existing artwork layers, and using them afterwards.
    It is not considered tracing if you draw by LOOKING at reference images - drawing OVER them IS tracing.

I didn't use such method .
Just look the psd file on link . ,
1. I draw an outline (shapes)
2. Then I draw the line art .
3. color it black using bucket .
4. Then Add glow .
5. That's it ...
I know that this is simple, I inspired on some game skill icons on some game that used black figures and glows . It is easy way . . . And I'm trying to practice good coloring and shading for creating digital art . ..
i dont think this icon looks bad... and judging by the psd it seems legit. how do you know he did the icon by tracing over? he schematized the shape, then he made the outline, we can't say the icon isn't legitimate with only that information.

Also pls stop making this type of icons...
and im sorry sin'dorei, i dont want to merely interfere in your moderation or disrespect you, but i dont think its nice to tell him, while being a mod, to stop doing a specific kind of icons.

you're implying your taste for icons, or what kind of icons you respect instead of solely judging its quality... i'd do only the latter..
I don't want to offend ya, but it's hard to believe that these icons:

and these ones:

are made by the same person.

I admit that those are very different to each other, so I will tell you my story , The fairy tree and the doom (which is my past icons) are created on Pixlr and yeah I'm a (very) beginner at those time . and The troll is created by GIMP, I tried to test your style on your troll icon


. After I noticed the comments of the people here, (they say that the diretroll was too cartoonish) I changed it, I update it, I have a file(psd and GIMP image) on my pc of those icons .... The chameleon, due to your help and your reviews , I made it better. And also the panther and the cat , I tried to make the same style .... Honestly, all of my icons are made by me, maybe all are not the same quality because I tried to test the other digital drawing tutorials on some websites and also in hive .... It is not perfect because it is hard to understand because I don't know all the tools on drawing program ...
So, remove your doubts, all people could be change . And I don't know my exact steps on making icons, I'm just waiting for review and I always try to do it ... And also, to improve my digital arts, I need a "personal" help or a people who knows all the elements on creating digital arts .
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Well sigelang I believe that you improved a lot with your icon making. It was just hard to believe that the cartoonish icons were made by you. Other than that you're good to go:)
Because I tried the other techniques, the other tutorials on some websites ...
I'm always experimenting then I'm always waiting for the peoples comments ... And also I used different drawing program ...
Well, everybody has different views about icons ofc. Yeah, I think you could further improve that glow around the cat (personal opinion).

True, but... glow? What's wrong with that glow, I see nothing wrong. The glow is as it should be- not too bright nor too dark. The cat is also very cool, reminds me of panther icon from World of Warcraft.
In such threads we don't make a detailed analysis of moderator's comments, always expressing our displeasure, because he doesn't share the same point of view with us.

I think you've seen now that we do.

Where should we discuss this, then, if not in the topic where said moderator has placed his comment? I've seen lots of other resource threads in which other members' replies where scrutinized and critized but I've never seen anyone, including you, make a problem of that before. Why not? Because it's a perfectly valid and relevant form of discussion. Especially if it concerns a moderator, because his or her opinion actually determines wether a resource stays in the database or not. Therefore if we do not agree, we should let it be known.
You could actually take other people's opinions and arguments in consideration and, if you still do not agree, explain why you don't instead of hiding behind 'off topicness'.
Yep, I think Sin'dorei did the right thing cleaning the mess a bit:)
I knew this would be useful.

It was going too far into off-topic. So Sin'dorei deleted some posts.
Tough he did the right thing :p

On-Topic, you might wanna pack your cat icons into a pack, so that we can all download them in single download.