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a spiral group of cards, and behind a satanic star =D
thats a Icon that I made to a Bard Hero who casts a ramdom effect on the target, those are the Cards Of Fate, or Tarot Cards, the frist card is a skull, funny isnt it?

card, cards, fate, tarot, bard, minstrel, satanic, death, destiny.

BTNCardsOfFate1 (Icon)

16:03, 10th Jun 2011 Pyramidhe@d: Cool icon.
Level 10
Apr 18, 2009
Looks great, I like how you've put together the whole concept. Quite original icon I must say. I can certainly see this be useful.
Level 7
Oct 13, 2008
Holy shit. freaking spectacularly sweet o_o this is exactly what i needed for my luck based hero... Could u make more card based icons? :D 5/5
Level 4
Nov 24, 2010
Tarot Card of Fate
Draw a Tarot card to foresee fate. There are 14 different cards, and the success rate depends on the skill level.
The Tarot Cards:
The Fool: Mental disease. Beginning.
-Enemy's SP reduced to 0. Right Side.
The Magician: Taking action. Awareness.
-Reduces enemy MATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
The High Priest: Withdrawal. Mystery.
-Removes all buffs. Opposite Side.
The Chariot: Victory. Hard control.
-Deals 1000 DEF-ignoring damage. Randomly destroys one piece of armor. Opposite Side.
Strength: Misled strength. Loss of confidence. Destruction of the nation.
-Reduces enemy ATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
The Lovers: Farewell. Discovered cheating on someone.
-Randomly teleports the caster (on maps that allow teleport) and heals 2000 HP. Opposite Side.
Wheel of Fortune: Destiny. Turning point. Movement.
-Randomly causes the effects of two other Tarot cards. Opposite Side.
The Hanged Man: Letting go. Giving up. Sacrifice.
-Stun, Frozen, or Stone Curse regardless of anything else. Opposite Side.
Death: Ending. Bad luck. Unexpected catastrophe. Difficulty.
-Receive Curse, Coma, Poison, all at once. Right Side.
Temperance: Impossible to control. Tiredness. Stubborn. Vanity.
-Causes Confusion for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
The Devil: Obsession. Danger of sickness. Inevitable curse. Hopelessness.
-Deals DEF-ignoring 6666 damage, halves ATK and MATK for 30 seconds, and causes Curse. Right Side.
The Tower: Accidents. Loss of command. Failure. Sudden changes. Loss of judgment.
-Deals DEF-ignoring 4444 damage. Right Side.
The Star: Destruction of hope. Sad future. Chaos.
-Causes Stun for 5 seconds. Opposite Side.
The Sun: Destruction of the land. Dissatisfaction. Chaos.
-Reduces ATK, MATK, HIT, Flee Rate, and DEF by 20% for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.

Did you mean that?