Brilliance aura bug

Level 2
Jul 31, 2011
Hello there,

I really didn`t know where i should post this, but i hope this is the right place.

The following thing. There is a cast in my rpg which gives the caster a buff for mana-regeneration. So very simple i made this trigger.

  • Lightning infusion buff
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
    • Conditions
      • (Ability being cast) Equal to Lightning infusion
    • Actions
      • Unit - Add Spell Book Lightning infuison to (Triggering unit)
      • Unit - Set level of Brilliance Aura Lightning infusion for (Triggering unit) to (1 + Acraninfusion_upgrade[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))])
      • Player - Disable Spell Book Lightning infuison for (Owner of (Triggering unit))
      • Wait 6.00 game-time seconds
      • Unit - Remove Spell Book Lightning infuison from (Triggering unit)
This works fine.
Also there are skilltrees for every char which can improve your stats or skills. One of the first is a mana capacity increasment based on an upgrade for the human sorceress. This also works.
But when i "research" this upgrade the mana is reduced to 0 after being cast. I tested it now like a 100 times. I also set the mana regeneration to a very high rate and following appeared.
After the cast and after the mana was reduced to 0 a trigger filled my mana by 8% every 2 seconds. As long as i have the buff my mana rapidly falls down to 0.
The second thing is, that it should happen every time after i upgraded, but after the hero dies once it doesn`t appear again.
I really don`t know what could course this.
For additional information. (The mana-regeneration aura is an unit ability, has 5 level and is added via a spellbook which is hidden)

I hope someone can help me with this.
Level 30
Jan 31, 2010
That's really weird. Are you sure that there are not any other triggers which also use that Brilliance Buff as their base of spells? Check again, please. It's weird to have reversed mana regeneration when you haven't set it. Oh, and what's the skill you based your Lightning Infusion off?
Level 2
Jul 31, 2011
Thought the same, but i set the bug to this trigger.
I set string which gave me the procentual mana of the unit in the beginning of the trigger and in the end of the trigger. It always gave me XX% (A number higher than 0) and 0%. So it must be this trigger. Also i disabled the trigger once and it didn`t happen.

Lightning infusion is based on chainlightning. (1 Target)
Level 8
Jan 8, 2010
afaik, leveling abilities that are inside a spell book is impossible. maybe that's the reason why the unit's mana is becoming 0 (something like instead of a mana regeneration it became a very high mana degeneration).
Level 3
Nov 16, 2011
There must be simple some sort of trigger/spell conflict upon casting. Try disabling triggers until you find out the problem. Other variant is to create new map and recreate only this trigger there to see if it will still have problem. If not CHECK YOUR WORK BOY!