Bow of the avenging eagle

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This is a nightelf bow, dont care really, i made it cuz' i was bored, the arrow is *Supposedly* supposed to come out of the "Mouth" of the bow, if you look at it in a modelling program closely you'll see what i mean.

Be happy with it, credits, and dont edit the mesh itsself, (If you want you can scale, move, or rotate it.)

Have fun!

I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it.

Edit: Fixied donDustin's suggestions, (Made the eagle head bigger, and made the material of the cresent moon's on doublesided and blended.)

Edit: Recalculated normals on the orbs, as i forgot.. (Dont want pyrite rejecting it for normals again.. =P)

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Bow of the avenging eagle (Model)

22:58, 2nd Nov 2009 DonDustin: a nice and useful attachment.




22:58, 2nd Nov 2009
DonDustin: a nice and useful attachment.
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Jun 15, 2006
I really like the concept and the mesh is also nice, but there are still some small points that you might want to improve:
1.: I think you should scale up those 2 moons/sickles and change the material to transparent
2.: also scaling up the eagle head + changing the texture to: textures/siegeenginehead.blp as it is much more detailed

oh and an editor screenshot of your bow would be useful for others :)