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Bored Game designer looking for a team

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Level 4
Jun 20, 2007
Hey guys,

6 months off... gosh... what to do?

Well i have decided that i need some projects to work on before the next phase of my life in 6 months (though i will be continuing warcraft 3 during that)

Any way,

If there are any decent clans that wants a game designer, im not just talking " im good with ideas" that i see on here, im taking actual design, then im your man.

Concept creation, level design, narrative design, character creation are all my main interests.

Thanks guys


edit* p.s i have worked on a few before, i do alot of project management. mainly looking for a team or clan for long term map making. cheers
Level 10
Jan 28, 2009
I need some serious help on my RPG, pls healp me xD

The map is probably around 60% done but i spend all my time tweaking and fixing crap and its hard to make any real progress. I really need someone to create quest. But any help at all would be exelent.




Are you awesome at terraining? I'm creating a dungeon crawler and it's going to be epic and I need a terrainer and a triggerer since I'm not experienced at those two.
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