Looking for a ORPG Team

Level 2
Jul 18, 2008
looking for a ORPG Team
i'm looking to create a New ORPG, Need the following:

Terrain Designers
Jass Coders
Model designers
Character creators
Level 2
Jul 18, 2008
Well here is the basics i have come up with

Knights of Dawn

Basic Story:
The land of Trista is controlled by 2 ruling empires, the Benevolent, and unruly Kingdom of Malta, and the Technology Driven Kingdom of Kristal. Both factions have a Rocky yet lasting peace with one another. The peace is kept by the Knights of Dawn, a Order of Knights sworn to protect the land of Trista at all costs.

Should work as any other ORPG, players can do what they want. as for classes they are down below, they can choose which they would like to go in as and level from there with class specific items throughout the game. in the game its self there are 4 factions they can choose to join: Kingdom of Kristal, Kingdom of Malta, The Knights of Dawn, or decide to go Neutral(the hardest one i would suppose :p). depending on what Side they choose They can Try to keep the order, Fight on the side of Kristal, fight on the side of Malta, or be a Merc for any side or just to fight them all and be able to build a base and mount attacks

Class's/Roles(From Start out to Upgraded(Still working it out)):
  • Caster
    --Flame Wielder
    ---Arch Flame Wizard
    --Ice Wielder
    ---Arch ice Wizard
    --Earth Wilder
    ---Arch earth Wizard
    ---Arch Bishop
  • Melee
  • Ranged
    --Long bowmen

Now remember this is just a Rough mock up, i kinda threw it together quickly :/ so pointers and such would be nice :D
Level 9
Aug 23, 2007
Maybe some more classes for both the melee and archers? Maybe a ranger type fighter with abilities ranging from archery to dirty tricks like hiding, maybe thievery or something.

Wish I had more knowledge of the editor and I'd be glad to help but I'm more a writer atm. I could help you out with character design and classes and stuff. Maybe terrain and such as well but otherwise I'm still learning everything else lol.
Okay this is incredibly typical of an ORPG thread.

Basically someone walks in and goes "I want to make an ORPG," throws together a small list of typical features of an ORPG and then is surprised when no one wants to work on it.

First off:
Be original, come up with some new or special idea that no other ORPG has done before, maybe a unique story or a unique system or something, but right now this is incredibly typical to the normal lackluster orpg idea.

Second off:
Don't come up with something so difficult you won't either have the time or the knowledge to make. If your not advanced with the trigger editor, don't come up with some huge inventory system you have not a single clue how to make (or if you get one off the site, you have no clue how to import). Do something that is actually feasible for you to finish.

Third off:
Just the idea itself most likely wont get anyone to join - your going to need some terrain screen shots and that sort of thing to actually get people interested - people like graphics, and a good graphic could be enough to sway many people to join your project.

Fourth off:
Way to just fire off the typical class crap every orpg has.
That's one thing I hate a lot about these sorts of threads, not a single person can come up with a interesting/original idea for the classes it seems. Stop working with tried and true and start working with the limits of your imagination.