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[Need Info] Bonus Damage not displayed as "+bonus"

Level 8
Oct 2, 2013
Normally bonus damage from behaviors appear in green text as an additional number next to the weapon damage. For instance if I have a weapon that deals 20 damage and I add 10 bonus damage, the number of the weapon damage will appear as "20+10". Quite simple right?

All I wanna do is to combine those two numbers into one number, so it instead will come out as "30".
(I've already considered the option of Upgrades)

The reason I wanna make this is related to a later topic I had about adding more damage attributes. So right now I'm trying to make weapons that use the same effect so I can easily make up my own unlimited attribute system.

It works out. The only issue is that it looks kinda stupid that all weapons have 0 base damage and then a different set of bonus damage.

EDIT: --- SOLVED ---
Change the display flags for the effect to Rollapse Buffed and Rounded
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