Bones and War3 MPQ

Level 23
Nov 19, 2007
I have a few things which I need help with:
1) Is there a way for me to attach bones to a vertice group in Oinkerwinkle?
2) For some reason, I can't open the War3x mpq in the Warcraft 3 Viewer. I typed in war3x, and the treeview also says war3x.mpq, but it doesn't seem to have any of the expansion models. Do I have to have the Frozen Throne CD inside my computer at the time? Because I can't seem to open the mpq with the Viewer while I have the Frozen Throne in.

Level 5
Jan 16, 2007
1. Each vertex group entry points to a Matrix. Each Matrix points to one or more bones. There is a set of 5 options in the tools menu for messing with these things. To attach a vertex to a bone, you need to change its vertex group. That is Tools->Assign Vertex Group. To figure out which number you want (it will be designated by its number), you can select a vertex that already follows the bones you're going for and go Tools->Vertex Group of Selection.