Bloodline Champions

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Apr 18, 2008
Bloodline Champions or BLC for short is a fast-paced, free to play PvP Arena game in which players choose a Bloodline(Hero) and fight in short Arena matches or longer Capture the Artifact and Conquest matches, on a wide selection of different maps and environments. The game is completely free-to-play, and although Funcom Points(real-life currency) can be used in-game, most bloodlines, avatars, titles, weapons and outfits can be bought with Blood Coins, an in-game currency that is earned by participating in matches. The more you play, the more Blood Coins you get.
In Bloodline Champions, you can play as a Bloodline of any of the following types:
  • Tank Bloodlines: With high amounts of health and skills based on surviving and grabbing the enemy's attention to them, Tanks are the meat-shields of the other Bloodlines. Some tanks even have the ability to heal themselves and their teammates, thus providing further support to their teammates, or surviving the enemy's onslaught even more.
  • Healer Bloodlines: Typically having the least amount of hitpoints of all the bloodlines, Healers use mostly supportive skills that heal and aid their teammates, or crowd-control skills that cause disorder amongst the enemy. Healers may also be capable of fighters, should they be left alone to fend for themselves, for their healing capabilities can save their lives multiple times while they launch projectiles or slash at the enemy with their weapons.
  • Ranged Damage Bloodlines: Making use of range and stealth as their primary defense, those bloodlines fight from afar, using powerful damaging spells and projectiles to defeat the enemy. Some of them will choose to fight visibly, staying behind their melee allies, and some of them will choose to fight from the shadows, using stealth to run all along the map, firing at the weak, wounded, and more defenseless targets.
  • Melee Damage Bloodlines: Preferring to fight up close instead of hiding behind their friends, melee damagers fight up close, face to face or behind the enemy. They use damaging spells that deal large amounts of damage, or incapacitate the enemy for a short amount of time. Some of them also use stealth, sneaking behind the enemy and striking him when he's weak, applying damage-over-time effects to kill the target off even when they're far from it.

In addition to that, in Bloodline Champions, there is a feature called 'weekly rotation' - Every week, players who did not buy the Champion, Bloodlust or Titan editions of the game and did not yet buy any Bloodlines of their own will be able to play only as either of four bloodlines that will change with each passing rotation. Most players who are new to the game will be forced to use Bloodlines from this weekly rotation, but this may actually aid new players, since they will have less bloodlines to choose from, and will be able to get used to a specific bloodline and then, when they gain enough Blood Coins, buy it and play as this specific bloodline whenever they wish.
Each rotation features four Bloodlines, one from each of the bloodline archetypes - Tank, Healer, Ranged DPS or Melee DPS. Bloodlines in weekly rotations often complement eachother and may consist of powerful combinations that are often considered good in combat, such as 'double guardian'.
And finally, Bloodline Champions is a game based purely on skill. No items or weapons exist to empower your Bloodline's spells or damage or 'stats', and none will ever exist. You are left solely with your skills in the arena. Tactics and Strategy with your team also help in matches. Sometimes, you will prefer to kill a Healer, but in other occasions the Tank might be weaker, or the one causing most problems, and thus he will have to be defeated first. It all depends on player skill.
You will also find that you are never fighting alone. All games are team based; From 2v2 to 5v5. The game is balanced and designed to work with teams, not with solo players, so some bloodlines might prove very efficient against other bloodlines thanks to their abilities, but that does not matter in the long run, since you'll be fighting in a team, and everything will depend on how well your team does in combat.


Official Bloodline Champions site.
Official Bloodline Champions forums.
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May 1, 2008
Bloodline Champions, fuck yeah! More people (from Hive) need to play this game, and in the future update when Clans become available, we should form a Clan for all the players from Hive Workshop. My advice, if you're new to this type of games but still want to play, try a Tank Bloodline first, they're kind of easiest to learn. Oh, and when we say Bloodline, we mean a Hero, a playable Character, it's just that they're called Bloodlines in BLC. And one more advice, if you want to earn Bloodcoins quickly to be able to buy a Bloodline, earn achievements because they also reward you with additional Bloodcoins.
Level 18
Aug 31, 2008
I've been playing this game for months and I already tested most of it features. But I quitted playing since It...
was lagging like hell
Yeah both when fighting AIs or real players it lags. I don't know the real reason but I usually don't get lags or delays when it comes to online games.

If I can somehow fix this issue maybe I'll come back to the game.
Level 44
Apr 18, 2008
Patch 1.1.1 is out!
Armored Alchemist, Armored Nomad, Eggniters(3 variations), Chicken emotes, lots of bug fixes, lots of balance fixes(finally, nerfed Seeker <3), Clans, new achievements, and a lot more awesome stuff! :D

I've made a Hive Workshop clan, I'll add you all as you come online. ^^

@MogulKhan: There we go. ^^
Take your pick.
EDIT: FrIkY stole ze female. :p


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