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Bloodbane the Vicious 1.2

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Updates 1.1:
*Different effect for bloodfeast chance on hit, and text added.
*Fixed consume damage.
*Fixed portal showing when not discovered yet.
*Added a new ability to the Golem boss.
*Added a hound next to the final boss.
*Reduced the Dreadlord initial intelligence by 3 but increased its intelligence per level by 0.5.
*Added a new command: "-souls" to check how many souls you have.
*Modified a few unit's position and corrected some text errors.

Updates 1.2:
*Added an end cinematic.

Bloodbane the Vicious 1.2 (Map)

12:19, 8th Jul 2008 Rui: Tested and approved.
Level 7
Mar 13, 2008
Now this is my type of map, simple but creative, and yet very interesting.
But there is one thing that could be added:
Once you die, since you cannot be revived, you could put Dialog Box - Defeat, this option can be found in triggers, cuz camera just sits over the map forever, and nothing happens.
Other than that, the map is perfect, and deserves 5/5!!!
Level 1
Mar 14, 2009
This is the type of map I like. It has a good core. You just go and kill mini bosses and creeps through interesting leveling. And now after you've done it you should add story line. You know people make whole campaigns without having the core gameplay and that is why their campaigns suck. You have the main thing, so starting to work on another map with a story combined with this gameplay...it will be awsome!:thumbs_up: