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Blood-Queen Lana'thel (WoW)

Submitted by BardBord
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
After benefiting from this site as a guest user for a long time, I figured I should make a contribution.

This is Blood-Queen Lana'thel from the Icecrown Citadel raid in World of Warcraft, ported by me.

Update 10/9/2020:
-Added a team color version (and removed hero glow from the normal version)
-Added two Channel animations matching her two Spell animations
-Added footprints and blood
-Fixed a couple mesh and animation bugs
-Added a screenshot icon

Lana'thel (Normal) (Model)

Lana'thel Portrait (Normal) (Model)

Lana'thel (Team Color) (Model)

Lana'thel Portrait (Team Color) (Model)

Lana'thel Icon (Icon)

  1. Daliox1


    Sep 3, 2020
    For ure first contribution, I must say that it is looking to be a nice one man ! Can't wait to find a way to use it :)