Blood Elf Ranger (Reforged)

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Hi everyone, I hope that you have a good day.

I present to you my first skin for Reforged. It's a blood elf version of Sylvanas Windrunner (Alive), which is basically a recolor of the original texture.

I've tested the skin in other maps and looks very good anyway I accept your suggestions and critics to improve the skin. This is my first skin in warcraft 3 and was exciting to imagine the great number of cases that you can make with Photoshop and some free time.

Have a nice day


24/03/2020: Added Icon and Improved the Yellow color in armour

Body (Texture)

Cape (Texture)

Eyes (Texture)

Icon (Icon)

Weapon (Texture)

Level 6
Aug 2, 2012
Very interesting ! I was planning to do a thing similar ! IMO to change blue to red (instead of green) was maybe more beautiful (he orange bloodelf version of HOTS for example but a bit more red) but really cool thing !
Level 10
May 19, 2020
can you make a blue eyed high elf archer is possible? the ones in the game all have green eyes

Edit your eyes file at will:
human sylvanas windrunner
I edited for this archer, check if the link worked for you.

By the way ... as for Sylvanas skin. The edition is very reminiscent of the HOTS model. You work very well with editing textures, my congratulations!


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