Death Ranger (Reforged)

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A fully armored evil counterpart of the Republic Ranger. Can learn Acid Bomb, Black Arrow, Endurance Aura and Transmute.

Ranger-Captain Maricar Valens was once a proud Farstrider of the Imperial Elven Ranger Corps, she supported the Imperial Army for participating the invasion of Outland. But it went horribly wrong, the entire Ranger Corps were completely annihilated during the assault, including Valens herself. A group of Death Angels Dark Ranger Corps discovered Valen's body and send the Fallen Priests to turn her into a Banshee. After her Banshee form was reanimated to her Ranger form by the Dark Arcanist Thakris Valzar, Valens is now serving the nefarious Death Angels and became the new commander of the Dark Ranger Corps.

Do not confuse the Dark Rangers with the Death Rangers. Death Rangers are Undead Ranger Hero, while Dark Rangers (Death Angels) are Undead ranged unit.

Death Ranger Cape Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)

Death Ranger Hair Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)

Death Ranger Icon (Icon)

Death Ranger Main Diffuse (Reforged) (Texture)

Level 2
Nov 23, 2017
very good texture :) a question do you have any tutorial to export and import texture to the game, dds compatible