Blood Elf Demon Huntress

The name speaks for itself. This is a Blood Elf version of the Night Elf Demon Huntress. This is my first skin on this site, so I hope you like it! :)

Update: I've added her demon form.

Blood Elf Demon Huntress (Demon Hair) (Texture)

Blood Elf Demon Huntress (Demon Icon) (Icon)

Blood Elf Demon Huntress (Demon Main) (Texture)

Blood Elf Demon Huntress (Hair) (Texture)

Blood Elf Demon Huntress (Icon) (Icon)

Blood Elf Demon Huntress (Main) (Texture)

Very good idea for a first skin, however needs some more work on those colours. Let me give a quick rundown:
- Cut out all the different materials in separate layers (cloth, metal, leather etc.).
- Blood Elves are known for mainly blood-red (red with blue tint) and gold, so instead of making everything red, you should keep the gold metal (and reference it with another BE model).
- You might want to add some other colours and seek a Blizzard reference, for example the bandages on her breast could be white.

There is also the Metamorphosis form for her, you could upload it as a separate skin (might earn more rep that way... plus it's more work ^^).


Level 2
May 24, 2016
Been trying to find out how to use the Female Night Elf Demon Hunter in Warcraft 3 Custom Maps, this is a good alternative, even if you can't use the Female Demon Hunter Voice. (If anyone knows how to access the female night elf demon hunter that would be great, also if anyone is up to it I want an Arthas refoged model with Ashbring instead of Frostmourne, and Medivh is actualy aditional animations, please and thank you)