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Blood Crafters

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Game Play over view:
You have one unit, a hero. It can summon units to do your bidding. (it is noticeably similar to summoner frenzy maps) There are three base unit types that can be summoned or Crafted. They are melee, ranged, and arcane each their individual roles. However you can modify how your summons (blood works) perform. Through unit usage you gain Forge Points which allow you to modify an aspect of a class of unit, things such as abilities, armor, damage e.g. It is game over for you if you lose your Blood Crafter in any mode.
-Total of 9 different summon-able custom units
-22 different technologies that improve the the summons
-A dynamic cast system which spawns summons based your health, skill level, and unit maximum
-Units have a unique veteran system, they can gain increased attack speed, armor, and or mana regeneration.
-No A.I.

Players Vs Players (PVP) mode:
After playing the map Necromancer Wars, I liked the concept but left that the map lacked freedom. Using relatively simple terrain it allows the player to focus on what their units are doing. There are three modes: Reach a set amount of kills, be the first to max level, or just last man standing.

Players Vs Element (PVE) mode:
All the Blood Crafters are allied together to fight off hordes of demonic creatures. The key is to defend the Blood Well, if you lose that it is game over. Only ten waves in total each last about three minutes. Every time you play the mode the spawns will differ, in where they spawn or what unit type spawns.

Credits are give in game under the info (quests) tab.

- Attack and armor types changed on most creeps
- Attack and armor types changed on some of the crafters units
- Unstable Portals add to the map
- Version number and title add to the map preview
- Food now shows “Control”
- Skill fixes/adjustments: Aimed Attacks, Acid Shot, and Shot of Annihilation
- Tooltip fixes: Acid Shot, all Bloodmuting, Arcane Bolts, and Staggering Shot
- Removed ani-magic abilities from creeps in PvE
- Passive icons added to some skills, Knowledge of Blood icon changed
- General creep info is given at the start of each wave
- Lowered required veteran values

- Reduced kills required to win in PvP mode from 250 to 200 and 1000 to 500
- Recoded the blood point gain system to deal with blizzard rounding errors
- Improved magic/melee/ranged control tiptools
- Changed all veteran abilities icons to passive ones
- Defender, Lancers, Swordsmen, and Guardians now only gain 1 armor per tech level
- All blood works base armor values adjusted
- Harden skill tweaked
- Whole map is reveal during PvE
- Visible effect adding when blood works are degenerating
- Fixed Immortal tooltip
- Changed Acquisition Range on all ranged units to their attack ranges
- Bloodmute unlocked at level 4
- All bloodworks dice/base/tech gain for damage adjusted
- Attack Speed tech replaced with weapon mastery; a new system too
- Icon progression changed for caster and blood crafter armor
- Only one charge is awarded for statistic III when hit now
- Bloodmute system completely redone
- Anti-lag functions add to PvE spawns
- Few tips in the quest log have been updated
- Forced game end for PvE is now 30 seconds

- Changed a version number location
- Statistic II charges awarded from arcane bolts and Shot of Annihilation
- Fixed Shot of Annihilation icon location
- Removed mana from the Ranger
- All mana using units regeneration it at .5 now
- Mana tech now give 30% bonus regeneration
- Veteran is now attack speed bonus
- Lower AoE of Metal of Valor from 900 to 550
- Veteran system redone; it's "metals" instead of "honors"
- Veteran bonuses names and icons changed
- Only mana using abilities are now counted towards statistic II
- Defend animation tags added to Defend skill
- Aimed Attacks is now by default on
- Removed the second special effect that happens when teching flex control
- Hero now gain xp at 150% during PvP
- Research tooltip improvements
- Metal of Endurance changed from 5 to 2 points per metal
- Weapon Mastery replaced with Specialization
- Crafter branch of the blood forge remove
- Flex Control add to all blood forge types
- Default amount of xp gained per summon increased
- A blood work only requires 10 mana instead of 14
- Max level is 20
- Tweaked Blood Link damage distribution and changed attachment points for its buff
- Most tiptools updated, text change and colorization

- The blood in the middle of the map now keeps blood works alive without acrane bond
- Damage tooltips fix in later levels
- Terrain redone
- Unstable portals removed
- Shops remove and system added
- Bloodmute system replace with type selection
- AoE attacks replaced with skills in waves 7 and 10
- Removed the base level requirement for type selection
- Crafting art changed
- Fixed requirement tooltips forge to craft
- Goldmine mini map icon added to the bloodwell
- New tip: Metal?

Changed color of the summon spheres on the melee and magic base types(yellow
and blue)
- Added a life loss effect to crafter when a craft spell is cast
- Craft spells now use health instead of mana
- Strength:
-- Name changed to Vitality
-- 0.32 hps per point out of combat
-- 18 health per point now
- Intelligence no longer gives mana bonus
- Blood Crafters:
-- Primary Attribute switched to intelligence
-- No longer have mana
-- 2.00 intelligence points gained per level
-- 2.25 strength points gained per level
-- Base intelligence increased to 22
-- Base health increased to 398
-- Base regeneration is now 0hps, 10 outside of combat
- Crafting messages changed
- Blood Points changed to Forge Points, along with an icon change
- Gold is now Blood Mana, icon changed.
- Two new anti lag measures added, removed: "learn skill" and "first cast" lag
- Cinematic mode during start up with a "Please wait..." message
- Items Shop rename: Blood Point Exchange
-- Removed mana potions, pool, stone, and mask items
-- Added 5 power ups
-- Adjusted max stock and restock times
- Non Combat Regeneration: after 3 second outside of combat you regenerate

- Eredar type units now have 300 range
- Size down scaling of late wave creeps
- Updated load screen text
- Forge Point system redone
-- Points are gain by unit usage
-- 8 are gained each time
-- Blood Techs cost of base of 10
--- Increase by 2 each time
- Increased AOE of Shot Of Annihilation
- Changed final waves abilities

- Arcane Bond area of effect boosted
- Reduced the damage of Creeps abilities:
-- Finger of Pain
-- Forked Lightning
-- Immolation
-- Rain of Fire
-- War Stomp
- Recoded some triggers to:
-- Reduce lag
-- Clean up more leaks

- New Blood Craft death effects
- New craft effect on caster
- Metal floating text redone
- Typo fixes

- Added multiboard of numbers of current Blood Craft and their type
- Removed a few leaks
- Darkened the center pool of blood
- Blood Well
-- death art add
-- More blood flowing from it
- Fixed PvE Blood Well lost death issue
- Fixed Magic Flex Control availability
- Minor Terrain Update

- Attacks made from behind on another unit grants an additional 5 to 20 choas damage on the backstab
- Reworked PvE spawning system to include a spawn cap
- Recoded the summon system
- Fixed the food max/min totals
- Increased the occurrence of Forge Points but decreased the overall gain rate
- Blood Crafter regeneration is only lost if damaged now
- Acrane Bond system redone
-- Degeneration effect changed
-- mana is lost also
- The forge point item now grants 10 instead of 1
- The forge points are shown correctly on the second hero
- All mana holding craft now start with 10 mana
- Mana Capacity tech increases summoned starting mana now
- Staggering Shot now give a flat damage bonus
- Teching effect removed from Blood Crafters
- Unit veteran system redone
-- Specializations are no longer retroactive
-- Player activated skills awarded more xp
-- Metals replaced with enhancements
-- Statistical items removed
- Warning give when the blood well is under attack
- Magic Craft renamed Arcane Craft

Blood, Blood Well, Blood Crafters, Blood Works

Blood Crafters (Map)

15:33, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
Barathrum's Review (Mini Moderator)

Description (Includes THW description, map description and Loading Screen):"

THW Description: Is quite long, explains things about map... (+3.5)
Map Description: almost null (+0.5)
Loading Screen: Describes the gameplay further... (+3)


The terrain is too simple made, even tho map types like yours don't need anything special, but still could be better in anyway. (+7)

Well the gameplay seems okay, but as said in the "Hints", you should realy add some, and the terrain also has it's small effect...
Quest menu, Hints:

Quest menu: Seems to contain everything it should(+5)
Hints: None (+0)

Aditional Information:

Score Board:

0%-49% = 1/5 vote for rejection
50%-60% = 2/5 but i vote for reviewed
61%-70% = 2/5 but i vote for Aproval
71%-80% = 3/5 vote for aproval
81%-92% = 4/5 vote for aproval
93%-100% = 5/5 vote for aproval

Total: 26/40
= 65%

Vote for Aproval?= Yes
Vote for Rejection?= No
Vote for Reviewed?= No

Level 3
Jul 24, 2007
The terrain, I can somewhat understand. I am still not sure with to do with it...
However, I more wondering what you mean by "Hints." The quest menu is full of tips that tell you of the basics of the game. How do you give hints for a game that is meant to be completely open ended?
Level 3
Jul 24, 2007
There the map has some more fixes done. With portals I think the terrain has all it needs now. I am happy with it. It gives an element of chaos to the otherwise cloned terrain.

PvE "hints": It tells the players what attack and armor type the creep has along with any other abilities. I see as point to tell the people how health the creep has when it doesn't change the fact they have to kill it. With people can decide where they want to bloodmute some of their units or not.

And if you going to review maps your should really at least play them. From the review it appears that you only played PvE, that is half the map... Like multiple wrong tooltips, if you saw then you should have said about them. Also just seeing x points gained for something is annoying. So if you put it out of a number that would nice too, it helps the person identify when they lost points. Like was the terrain 7/10 or 7/7...
Level 3
Apr 1, 2005
Tested the map with some friends. I wouldn't approve it yet, it's not really finished, I think.

First, the 3 blood works. Basically, all you need casters for is healing. It is sufficient to upgrade 1 grade healing. I had no problems with that. They didn't even die, because: melee is imbalanced. If you max them as fast as possible, they're basically invulnerable. Ranged is almost useless, as they need range, which is limited by the bond, which you can't upgrade farther than average.
I played 2 rounds and when I used ranged, I lost. With melee I won.
Anyway, the bond. It sucks. You know, we played PvE and it really needs some fixing. You have no team vision, or map vision, which sucks. You can't help your mates, because you have to leave your position with all your units. Often half of your units die when you move around, because of clipping issues, they get out of bond range.. dead.
It's also strange that there is no aura effect or anything on your blood works to indicate which ones are in your bond range. I can't think why you did that. I have to click on every single unit and look the little icon up to see if they are in range.
Also, if you have more blood works, like 30 or so, it gets really hard to move around or control your units in any useful way.

I would suggest correcting these things.. else it's a good idea, but not really worth it.
Also, it would be nice to see the different bonuses on the different upgrade levels (e.g. how much dmg reduction with melee 3. skill) in the upgrade menu.

Maybe you should also think about going for squads instead of single units. There is a map around with a rather nice squad system, I just forgot the name now. Maybe I'll look it up.
Level 3
Jul 24, 2007
Thanks for the feedback.

I am looking into better balancing out the melee...

The bond. It was added mainly for PvP mode, to stop people from hiding in a corner and sending units out to fight. It also forces the player to be very much aware of where their hero is.
You can make the bond get better then just average. Its is affected by your level and the Arcane Bond tech level. You increase it with blood points.
As for supporting allies in PvE, their bond can support your units. That means you don't have to move your hero away from the bulk of your units to do so.
Why there is no visual buff for the arcane bond, well at one point it added too much visual clutter. If your use the alt, that shows you the health bars it is easy to see also which are not. However, if your watching, when they loss the buff they have the gain gold coins animation play over head. I might add something from when they are degenerating.
Level 1
Sep 22, 2007
its a pretty fun and interesting game but when i play this with friends it starts lagging up to the point where we cant do anything but wait for it to end. the lags a few rounds long and the lag stopped during the faceless ones level but we died shortly after.

is it just me and my friends or is something up with the map?
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009

As a Reviewer of the Map Reviewers Group, I joined the THW Cleaning Event.
end up writing a fast review, or just posting the end state of the map, rating is not always included!

Current State for this map: Based on my Previous Review, Approved

I will contact the moderator to Approve/Reject the map, depending on what you recieved.