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Jul 19, 2005
Hey all, I was curious do see how many people of the wc3 modding community knows about this game called Blockland. Its been in developement for a few years and recently they released a retail version of it for only 20$ Blockland is an easy to mod, addictive, fun, online, lego-style, freeform building game. Despite being available for the past few years, not many people seem know know about it besides from word of mouth. So i encourage those who don't know what I'm talking about to check it out. It is hands down the best game I've ever purchased for 20$. You can build anything you can imagine, not only that but you can use vehicles, weapons, have deathmatches, jetpacks, and more. The possibilites are endless with its rapid growing player base and mod community. So heres the link if you're interested.

And heres the gallery page on the forums to give an idea of some of things you can do.

Btw, I'm, not trying to advertise, I just think this game is very fun and figured I'd share it.
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