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Blackrock Grunt (reforged)

A simple recoloration of the regular grunt with a more greyish and darker skin to match with the black rock orcs.

Blackrock Grunt (reforged) (Texture)

icons (Icon)

A simple re-colour to turn the Grunt into his grey Blackrock Cousin, re-colouring has been done appropriately and even includes an icon. Approved.
I just have to get rid of this:
With regard to the models that you have already published for the different clans,
are there any ambitions to make your own Blackrock-model or will it remain with this reskin?

That shouldn't sound derogatory now!

Tamplier777 have made a proper blackrock grunt using my reskin. That model will be available in our wc2 campaign project !
Level 4
Dec 3, 2014
Hey i am kinda new to this whole modeling and really love what i see here. I have to questions. How can i learn it and how difficult is that? And how do i use skins?
Level 9
Oct 10, 2020
So there is Peon, Grunt, Warlock, Warlord/Slavemaster for the Blackrock variants so far. Is there going to be a Wolfrider version with the same reskin? That would essentially complete the units for this specific reskin. Looking to make a melee map for WC3 era instead of WC2 with the Blackrock's like in the WC3 Human campaign.
Hi, I don't understand how to import your skins on my map.
The editor doesn't want to let me put the path in ".dds", it puts it in ".mdl" by default.

Thanks for help.
Hi, just import the skin in the WE Asset Manager and rename it by removing "wc3imported \" from the name