Mag'har Blackrock Blademaster (reforged)

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A recolor of the classic chaos blademaster to Mag'har blademaster from Blackrock clan for Warcraft Reforged.

Icons are also avalable.

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Mag'har Blackrock Blademaster (reforged) (Texture)


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Jun 22, 2013
In the cinematic in the Blood Elf campaign, there was a unique model of an orc who did the Dimensional Gates. It's most likely Ner'zhul himself (though it's missing his facepaint)

Edit: nvm it shared the same model with Drak'thul, yeah

I watch the cinematic and it seems that he uses the sames model i use for the Mag'har Mage (Mag'har Mage (reforged)) but for Nerz'hul i can use an other Stormreaver model (there are four models) and add the white skull paint. i'll see what i can do...