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Grommash Mag'har Reforged

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
New Maghar texture from Grommash. I assumed they would have already done so, but wanted to continue anyway to give a new proposal. I tried to give it a slightly more natural and even skin tone for my liking

Grommash Mag'har Reforged (Texture)

Grommash Mag'har Reforged (Icon) (Icon)

Good for an old campaign with the story between orcs and draney before the fell corruption. Realy nice!
Will the portrait be ok if we do not have the .mdx for it?
I updated the first comment, adding the portrait.
I didn't see it necessary, Since this is the texture section I just left the main model for you to test the texture. But already using the portrait would be the complete model. Enjoy it!