Black Elf Sorceress.blp

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This is a skin I made cause of a contest... but it was over when I was finished. xD
So I decided to upload it here on THW.

Description: The Black Elves are a race in Keiji's Dawn of Life. Their skin is of an ash gray and their hair is black. Their eyes are of that of a demonic red glow, as they were once corrupted by a demon. The Black Elves tend to wear very spiky armors. Scaly, and mostly consists of dark iron or silver. Ravens are also a very fond theme, so they use much black feathers on their equipment. For clothing almost all dark colors are very attractive, and the lust of wearing the bones of slain Demon opponents is popular, in order to show the demons just how superior they are.

Update 1: Make the skin smoother + little more shading
Update 2: Maked some big changes and added a few stuff
Update 3: reworked her face, and her armour( shoulder, boots ) and added more Team color, made the glow much better.
Update 4: reworked her face + her eyes.
Update 5: added more contrast to the face + made the cape cleaner.
Update 6: Darkened the cape
Update 7: added more highlight's (fixed the face a bit) + lowered the eyes a little bit.
Update 8: Fixed the nose.
Update 9: lowered the eyebrow. and added some stuff.
Update 10: REMOVED those 'things' on the cape.. + some small changes.
Update 11: Fixed that weird highlight on the nose

Want to thank Misha (for help with the eyes)

So hope you like it ^^
plz give credits if you use it.

Black Elf, Sorceress, Black, Elf

Black Elf Sorceress.blp (Texture)

18:45, 22nd May 2009 Hawkwing: We've decided to approve your skin, but we want you to continue to make changes or we may consider returning it to pending. The eyes are a rather strange shape and they are oddly defined. Also, work on the shading in...
Level 7
Jun 30, 2008
yes, the face is the problem at the moment. it looks stretched and not very natural (to me). the nose looks long because their is lighting all the way up to the eyes. make it gray like the rest of the body (the part between the eyes) and it will fix that problem. also, make the eyes less slanted and make the shade of pink slightly less bright. if u fix those, i will give u a thumbs up and +rep =D
Thx man:grin:
I will try to work a little more on the face

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