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-Bite of the Beast-Singe Player RPG-NEW!

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Apr 22, 2011
-Bite of the Beast-


Story:People of Gilneas lived in peace for centuries...Now as the Undead Scourge or the Forsaken , lead by Lady Sylvanas Windruner are geting close to thear myghty wall, the Human rase ones again teatres on the brink of destruction...but other enemies are born in the hearth of Gilneas -Worgens-...

_At one point of the game you character gets bitten by an Rampaging Worgen and slowly you become an Worgen yourself_:eekani:_

Classes:-Rogue -Mage -Druid -Warrior -Warlock

Stuff : -Hero pick system -New Inventory System -Perfect Terrain -High-res Models and Terrain (for now :grin:)

I need :Modelers with at least one DC or Recommended Model
Skiners -||-
Coder who nows how to do the job :xxd:
Trigerer LOL
I will be the Terrainer :grin:
For more information contact me here on HIVE...:thumbs_up:...

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Deleted member 177737

Your standards for the modeler are completely ridiculous, just saying.
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