Birch (variation 3)

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I made this lowpoly tree set some time ago, but never got around animating it, so it was never uploaded. The texture is partially borrowed from the amazing open-source RTS "0 a.d" which i recommend you all to try out. Includes a full animation set which also features a swaying stand sequence. Enjoy!

tree, nature, forest, leaf, birch, wood

Birch (variation 3) (Model)

17:05, 6th Aug 2014 MiniMage: Useful.
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Feb 16, 2014
Let me see in game mostly for large amount of trees

EDIT: All work. Nice swaying animations too.
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Hey man, love the tree and looking to use it in a Morrowind like map - unfortunately I can't find out how to make it visible. Could you please help me?
Below are pictures of what I'm working with. (Oops I took the screenshot when the models did not have a synced path. Please be aware I tried it with and without the "warcraft3import" path precursor. Edit: I have discovered how to make it work, I renamed the filepath with 00, 01 and 02, instead of 0,1,2 as per the model instructions. worldedit now recognizes the model variations.

Pic 1.jpg Pic 2.jpg
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