Bionicle TD v4.80

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A cooperative Tower Defense style map with many brand new models, 4 different cursors (changes as you change your race) and with kinda new functions in it. There are 3 different difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, but still if you choose easy mode, you won't be able to win this Tower Defense alone, because it doesn't matter which difficulty level you choose, you still need a full server to be able to win this map, choose difficulty level wisely, match it with your proficiency level on this map. By the way, the hard mode is only for professionals. There are 9 different types of towers in this map: Nature Tower, Stun Tower, Water Tower, Main House, Air Tower, Fire Tower, Ice Tower, Earth Tower, Poison Tower. By the way, there are 6 different types of ultimate towers in this map: Aura Tower, Targets Tower, Damage Tower, Splash Tower, Range Tower and Ultimate Tower.

- Added many brand new models

Map is made by BuGaci mapping clan.

Our official website, where you can find all the earlier versions and full changelogs -

Credits goes for:
1. Browlis - 1st map creator
2. Modestasas - 2nd map creator
3. Tihy - Terrain editor and loading screen maker
4. aerouostas - Bugs "hunter"

1. Kitabatake - Aerolich, Crossbowman, Dark Warlock
2. alfredx_sotn - AirElemental, EarthElemental
3. Darkholme - Ancient Warrior
4. Xazuki - Angel
5. skrab - Arcane Tower
6. varsaigen - Avian Warrior
7. DonDustin - BlueBasilisk, DemonicGargoyle, Icecrown Elemental, LavaColossus, OgreBrute
8. Cavman - Croc Purple
9. Mc ! - CrystalGolem, GoblinRemoteAirplane1, Grievus
10. infrenus - Artesain
11. Sellenisko - DrakkariHero
12. IamMclovin - Dwarven Worker
13. chilla_killa - EyeBot
14. [email protected] - Flesh Tearer
15. MassiveMaster - FlyingSpearThrower
16. Misha - Frost Archon
17. Mephestrial - GnollRunt
18. Ampharos_222 - Guitaricle v.2
19. General Frank - Icecrown Overlord
20. Oniwaga - Ifrit_03
21. Ramza - Imp5
22. Ket - KodoBeastTower
23. HappyTauren - Lich, Skeleton Firemage
24. Cavman - Zerg Lurker, Peasant Woman
25. Tranquil - Monk
26. Ergius - NatureTower
27. SuPa- - Pinkydemon
28. epsilon - PlasmaMarine
29. Illidan(Evil)X - PrismTower
30. Dan van Ohllus - Royal Queen, Skeletal Child
31. HappyCockroach - Son of Anubis
32. killst4r - Tassadar
33. NO_exe - TaurenAxeFighter
34. apaka - Tauren Worker
35. Amigurumi - Tonberry
36. Callahan - Venolia, The Void Lord
37. Lord-T-Rex - Worm with Bazooka and Shotgun
38. donut3.5 - Faerie
39. [email protected] - Nether Mage

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Bionicle TD v4.80 (Map)

08:55, 28th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved
Level 16
Jan 31, 2009
You should keep changelogs under hidden tags. Also the description needs to tell us more about this map; tell us what makes this map unique to other TD's, add some screenshots, any modes, tower types, etc. Here's a list of BB Codes for you to use. You have to give credit to each individual resources you've used from the Hive and other sites if possible. You cannot just thank the Hive as we do not know who's resources you've used therefore you should also post the author's name of the resource in your credits. I believe you've used too much custom content in your map therefore the file size is pretty big for a TD map. You should remove those unnecessary models, music, etc from the map and use the ones in WC3.


Hosted Project: SC
Level 13
Jul 1, 2010
Well, I changed my RPG from Vuto's ORPG, to Revenge of the King Rhobar ORPG, and nobody complained. Vuto's was on THW, got rejected =), and I changed tons of stuff, changed name, and now it's all ok.
You should change the avatar, that picture is not for THW...
Indeed you cannot find models of Bionicles, who wants to bother with that? But you can sure change the name of map.
Also, THW maps are 100% serious, so, don't "joke" with it.




I am not a big favor of simple TD games (hence Element TD crushes rivalry) but I'll give this map a go. Will write later on what I think of it. Who knows, might be fun :)
Level 1
Nov 27, 2009
Not to be all that rude, but I myself wouldn´t give that bugs hunter of yours any credit or yourself. None of your tooltips for the towers are correct, poison tower doesn´t add a poison. Earth tower has bounce, which it shouldn´t. Air tower should have bounce, it has a minor splash instead. Also the Aura tower and Ultimate Tower(60k tower) they are both way overpowered.
Btw the map is beatable on easy when your solo. It´s mostly just the first lvl and then air lvls that give you a fuss until your about 20 lvls or so in probably gets easier sooner than that if you give it a few tries.

Also I just noticed that to upgrade to snow tower lvl 4 you need snow tower lvl 4 already...?
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