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Binding Shot v1.3

Unleashes binding arrows at the target and nearby enemies, pulling them towards the caster.

Level 1 - 120 damage.
Level 2 - 200 damage.
Level 3 - 280 damage.
Level 4 - 360 damage.

Cast Range: 700
Target Type: Unit
Cooldown: 9 seconds

//                          BINDING SHOT v1.3                      
//                              BY Ayanami                             

//                            REQUIREMENTS                                      
// - JNGP
// - Alloc     
// - SpellEffectEvent
//   * RegisterPlayerUnitEvent
//   * Table                                                   
// - Timer32                                                                

//                           IMPLEMENTATION                                     
// 1) Copy the whole "Required Systems" Trigger folder 
// 2) Copy the trigger "Binding Shot"
// 3) Copy the ability "Binding Shot" 
// 4) Copy the unit "Binding Shot Dummy"
// 5) Go through the configuration section in "Binding Shot" trigger                            

Spell Code

library BindingShot uses Alloc, SpellEffectEvent, T32

//                           CONFIGURABLES                        

    private constant integer ABIL_ID = 'ABBS' // raw code of base ability
    private constant integer DUMMY_ID = 'dBIN' // raw code of unit "Binding Shot Dummy"
    private constant real ANIM_IMPACT = 0.5 // time taken for arrow to reach target
    private constant real ANIM_BIND = 0.5 // time taken for enemies to be pulled back
    private constant real ANIM_OFFSET = 200. // offset distance of pull location (relative to caster's location)
    private constant real ANIM_HEIGHT = 50. // height of arrow
    private constant real ANIM_LIGHT_HEIGHT = 50. // height of lightning attachment point
    private constant string ANIM_LIGHTNING = "SPLK" // lightning type
    private constant real ENUM_RADIUS = 176. // max collision size of a unit in your map.
    private constant attacktype ATK = ATTACK_TYPE_NORMAL // attack type
    private constant damagetype DMG = DAMAGE_TYPE_MAGIC // damage type

// bind area relative to target
private constant function GetArea takes integer level returns real
    return 300.

// damage dealt
private constant function GetDamage takes integer level returns real
    return 80. * level + 40.

// filter for allowed targets
private constant function GetFilter takes unit u, unit caster returns boolean
    return /*
    */ not IsUnitType(u, UNIT_TYPE_DEAD) /* // target is alive
    */ and IsUnitEnemy(u, GetOwningPlayer(caster)) /* // target is an enemy of caster
    */ and not IsUnitType(u, UNIT_TYPE_STRUCTURE) // target is not a structure

//                          END CONFIGURABLES                        

    private constant player NEUTRAL_PASSIVE = Player(PLAYER_NEUTRAL_PASSIVE)
    private group G = bj_lastCreatedGroup

private struct Data extends array
    implement Alloc

    private unit u
    private unit target
    private unit dummy
    private lightning l
    private boolean b
    private real dmg
    private real dur
    private real x
    private real y
    private method destroy takes nothing returns nothing
        call RemoveUnit(this.dummy)
        call DestroyLightning(this.l)
        call this.stopPeriodic()
        call this.deallocate()
    private method periodic takes nothing returns nothing
        local real x
        local real y
        local real dx
        local real dy
        local real a
        local real dist
        local real offset
        if not IsUnitType(this.target, UNIT_TYPE_DEAD) and GetUnitTypeId(this.target) != 0 then
            set x = GetUnitX(this.dummy)
            set y = GetUnitY(this.dummy)
            if this.b then
                set dx = this.x - x
                set dy = this.y - y
                set a = Atan2(dy, dx)
                set dist = SquareRoot(dx * dx + dy * dy)
                set offset = dist / this.dur * T32_PERIOD
                call SetUnitX(this.target, GetUnitX(this.target) + offset * Cos(a))
                call SetUnitY(this.target, GetUnitY(this.target) + offset * Sin(a))
                set dx = GetUnitX(this.target) - x
                set dy = GetUnitY(this.target) - y
                set a = Atan2(dy, dx)
                set dist = SquareRoot(dx * dx + dy * dy)
                set offset = dist / this.dur * T32_PERIOD
                call SetUnitFacing(this.dummy, a * bj_RADTODEG)
            call SetUnitX(this.dummy, x + offset * Cos(a))
            call SetUnitY(this.dummy, y + offset * Sin(a))
            call MoveLightningEx(this.l, true, GetUnitX(this.u), GetUnitY(this.u), GetUnitFlyHeight(this.u) + ANIM_LIGHT_HEIGHT, x, y, ANIM_HEIGHT + ANIM_LIGHT_HEIGHT)
            set this.dur = this.dur - T32_PERIOD
            if this.dur <= 0 then
                if this.b then
                    call this.destroy()
                    set this.b = true
                    set this.dur = ANIM_BIND
                    call UnitDamageTarget(this.u, this.target, this.dmg, true, false, ATK, DMG, null)
            call this.destroy()
    implement T32x

    private static method onCast takes nothing returns boolean
        local thistype this
        local unit u = GetTriggerUnit()
        local unit target = GetSpellTargetUnit()
        local integer level = GetUnitAbilityLevel(u, ABIL_ID)
        local real a = GetUnitFacing(u) * bj_DEGTORAD
        local real x = GetUnitX(u)
        local real y = GetUnitY(u)
        local real dx
        local real dy
        call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(G, GetUnitX(target), GetUnitY(target), GetArea(level) + ENUM_RADIUS, null)
            set target = FirstOfGroup(G)
            exitwhen target == null
            call GroupRemoveUnit(G, target)
            if GetFilter(target, u) then
                set this = thistype.allocate()
                set this.u = u
                set this.target = target
                set dx = GetUnitX(target)
                set dy = GetUnitY(target)
                set this.dummy = CreateUnit(NEUTRAL_PASSIVE, DUMMY_ID, x, y, bj_RADTODEG * Atan2(dy - y, dx - x))
                call SetUnitFlyHeight(this.dummy, ANIM_HEIGHT, 0)
                set this.l = AddLightningEx(ANIM_LIGHTNING, true, x, y, GetUnitFlyHeight(this.u) + ANIM_LIGHT_HEIGHT, GetUnitX(this.dummy), GetUnitY(this.dummy), ANIM_HEIGHT + ANIM_LIGHT_HEIGHT)
                set this.b = false
                set this.dmg = GetDamage(level)
                set this.dur = ANIM_IMPACT
                set this.x = x + ANIM_OFFSET * Cos(a)
                set this.y = y + ANIM_OFFSET * Sin(a)
                call this.startPeriodic()
        set u = null
        set target = null
        return false

    private static method onInit takes nothing returns nothing
        call RegisterSpellEffectEvent(ABIL_ID, function thistype.onCast)


Sevion - Alloc
Jesus4Lyf - Timer32
Bribe - SpellEffectEvent
Mr.Goblin - Binding Shot Icon


- Initial relase

- Used UNIT_TYPE_DEAD instead of UnitAlive

- Removed Damage, GroupUtils and GTrigger
- Now needs SpellEffectEvent

- Fixed a condition bug in .periodic method
- Optimized variable usage in .onCast static method

Feedback will be appreciated.

binding, shot, arrow, bind

Binding Shot v1.3 (Map)

12th Nov 2011 Bribe: Thanks for making the changes, nice and unique spell here. Approved.




12th Nov 2011
Bribe: Thanks for making the changes, nice and unique spell here.