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[Spell] Bear Form Headaches!

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Level 1
Feb 11, 2013
Hey all, thanks for taking the time to read! :)

What I was aiming for at first was to have a Druid Hero which gained Bear Form after defeating a Boss. The problem was that adding the ability via a trigger meant he didn't have the ability after he returned back to his original form.

I've since changed the map so you can't unlock the Druid until later on, when he'll already have all his abilities as default, to avoid this problem. But I'm now faced with another!

I want him to have Taunt in Bear Form (Which is easy enough, that's working perfectly), and Tranquility in Nelf Form (And this is the problem!). Unfortunately at the moment he keeps Tranquility even in Bear Form and I'm struggling to find a way to change this without messing things up all over again. I tried making it so Bear Form has 0 Mana so he'd be unable to cast it anyway, but he keeps the Mana Value of is original form. Any ideas?
Level 37
Mar 6, 2006
  • call UnitMakeAbilityPermanent(unit, 'A000')
This makes abilities to stay there even after transformation.

Replace the A000 with the raw code of your ability, check raw codes in object editor by pressing Ctrl + D.

Create a unit variable called unitVariable, and then replace the "unit" in the function with udg_unitVariable.

Set the unit into the variable and then add the custom script after that.

Use this for abilities you want to keep even after transforming, and not for those you don't want to keep.
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