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Bear/cat form

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Level 4
Jul 18, 2008
i need help on this trigger

spell: bear form
turns you into bear and replaces your cat spells to bear spells

when hero learns ability, fan of knives (level 1) for example, in bear form, i want "other form" to have different spell but same level as fan of knives. and to use spell in "other form" you need at least level 1 in fan of knives

plz help :(


  • spell.w3x
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Level 3
Jul 13, 2008
THe best way of doing this i would think is make variables that hold the level data of the spells as they are learned. For example:

Unit Bear Learns bloodlust - Level 2
Set Varbiable Var_Track_Bloodlust = Level of ability being learned.

This is what i would do.
Level 5
May 12, 2008
I once tried too. You should use the tinkers ability engineeringupgrade. give it to the bearform as standart ability with a passive icon and a tooltip saying something like: "As bear the hero has special abilities". this should work.

wtf? i tried and it only switches the icons but not the effects...
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